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Health Accompagnateur Service

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A service put in place by the RSFS to help francophones who need a guide and interpretation services as they navigate the Saskatchewan Health System.


The Health Accompagnateur

The Health Accompagnateur acts as the patient’s guide to the health system and as an interpreter during consultations with various health providers: doctors, pharmacists, lab technicians, nurses, therapists, etc.

They are volunteers who are fluent in English and French.

In compliance with integrity and confidentiality requirements, each Accompagnateur receives training in interpretation, the code of ethics they must adhere to, the health system and medical terminology.


Why provide this service?

  • A clear understanding between patients and health providers ensures patient security, the quality of the care provided, and the informed consent of the care receivers.

  • In Saskatchewan, all services provided by healthcare facilities are, almost without exception, in English.

  • It is easier for a person in a situation of vulnerability, as is the case during a consultation with a health professional, to receive a service in their spoken language.


French as language of communication

  • Franco-Saskatchewanian seniors (60% of the francophone population) often find themselves in a situation where they need to use French.

  • Because of the language barrier, a quarter of newcomers do not have a family physician and avoid any medical consultation. It is often difficult for them to explain their health problems to an anglophone doctor and understand his or her explanations.


Where is the service available?

In Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw and Gravelbourg.


How can you access this service?

Call 1-844-437-0373. You will be instructed on the procedure and connected to a Health Accompagnateur.


This service is free and confidential


**This is NOT an emergency service**

Become an Accompagnateur


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