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Vision, mission and mandate


The RSFS is a provincial network which envisions the creation of a favourable environment in which Francophones in Saskatchewan are able to seek and receive health services in French, and where health institutions and health professionals are actively offering a continuum of quality health services in French which are adapted to the needs of the French-speaking population of Saskatchewan.


Our mission is to ensure a better access to French language health and social services and programs in Saskatchewan.

RSFS seeks to achieve this mission through collaboration with leaders in the health care sector and with the community by offering achievable and practical approaches which can be implemented to improve access to French-language health services in our province. The RSFS is one of 16 provincial networks affiliated with the Société Santé en français.


Our mandate is to promote, protect and enhance access to health services in French in Saskatchewan.


RSFS's activities are centred on these core values:
  • Access to quality health care;
  • Collaboration among health partners;
  • Emphasis on customized solutions;
  • Respect for each agency's mission;
  • Encouraging providers to proactively offer services in French.