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Health Accompagnateur Interpretation Services in French

To accompany Francophone patients in the Saskatchewan healthcare system

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As health professionals, you may come across Francophone Newcomers who are:
  • Unable to navigate the Saskatchewan health system;
  • Needing to consult a health professional but cannot do so because they have no or limited capacity to explain their health issues in English;
  • Unable to understand your explanations in English.

You may also come across Saskatchewan Francophone Seniors and Families:
  • Needing to use French in their interactions with health professionals.

This free and confidential service has been established to help you as a health professional interact more effectively with your patients.

A Health Accompagnateur may be present at your patient's point-of-care and will act as an interpreter between you and your patient.

Patients who need an interpreter are encouraged to call 1-844-437-0373.

**This is not an emergency service**